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Stay flashy, indulgent, glitzy, glamorous, extravagant, ostentatious, flamboyant, narcissistic and in your element. Why be anyone else?

My Luxury Bargain.Stay vain.

About us

We love being ourselves. Vain, self-absorbed and forever thinking about how we’d wear that perfect mix of charm and charisma. My Luxury Bargain lets you, be you. An indulgent luxury shopping experience that bringsretail therapy to your closet.

Walkthrough our dynamic boutique-like experience to choose from some of the finest, authenticated luxury products you deserve. Of course, everything has been handpicked and pre-screened before getting listed on our luxury platform.

Own luxury? Why not share the spoils? My Luxury Bargain lets you trade luxury you own so that you can keep up with the good life. Get listed as a seller and let your high-street fashion labels stick to the season they’re made for. After all, luxury is just a state of mind.