La Mécanique – Harsh Tandon

A soft-spoken, calm individual, Harsh, has a knack for technology. His experience and expertise in the field of IT make him the “go to” man. His philosophy “Every question has an answer and all we need to do is find it”. Harsh has helped us develop a website that is not only beautiful and easy to navigate but also is easy for the rest of the team to handle.


What does he do at My Luxury Bargain?

Harsh with his profound knowledge in IT keeps the website beautiful and easy to browse through. He believes that a website represents an idea and it should be as genuine and powerful as the idea itself. We call him “La Mécanique” which means “The Mechanic” because no matter what time or which day; he is the one who comes to the rescue when the back-end falters.



His Favourite Brand –

Mont Blanc, because just like the brand, he believes his work should represent fineness.


What he aspires?

He loves bikes and aspires to ride through the world. He has also started a bike rental service by the name of; which helps bike enthusiasts rent motorcycles in the remotest corners of the country and experience a “ride of a lifetime”.