le consultant – Punya Anand

A Chandigarh girl who is a little obsessed with fashion trends; Punya loves Luxury. After graduating with a master’s degree in Business administration, she handled business development for the best PR agencies in the world. But when the calling came she was quick to follow her obsession and help us out. 

What does she do at My Luxury Bargain?

  • Quotations for your handbags & accessories. The items you want us to sell for you, Punya manages the process from collection to sending your item for authentication.
  • The person you email or call about the status of your item, quite often it will be Punya speaking to you.
  • Uh oh… if something comes that isn’t authentic or not in good enough condition, then Punya will be sending it back to you.

Always in control and at the top of her game; she constantly keeps a track on the luxury market in India. Her obsession with handbags has helped us keep a detailed track of changing prices in handbags. We call her “le consultant“ which means “the consultant”; quite often she will be the one advising potential customers on what fashion investments to make.


Her Favourite Brand –

Because their craftsmanship is close to perfection, it’s a status symbol and the colors are to die for. You need to be deserving to be able to carry an Hermès.


Her advice to potential sellers –

Let your fashion labels stick to the season they are made for. After all, luxury is just a state of mind.


What she aspires?

She wants to visit all the Michelin star restaurant in the world – Back to Back (she emphasized).