L’espionne De La Mode – Simi Grewal

Simi claims to be the “go-with-flow” type of girl. She’s passionate about her work and invests her time in perfecting it. After pursuing her masters in Design space from NIFT; Delhi, she has worked comprehensively with some of the top fashion designers in the country. Given her keen eye for detail, Simi has mastered the art to identify those small changes that make a big impact.


What does she do at My Luxury Bargain?

Simi with her profound knowledge of the fashion industry has helped us form the stage of idealizing to the stage of implementing our humble belief of “Making Luxury Affordable”. She is always involved in the look and feel of the site, social media platforms and the emails that are sent out. We call her “L’espionne De La Mode” which means “The Fashion Spy”, simply because of her impeccable fashion sense.


Her Favourite Brand –

Chanel, Chanel and Chanel!


Her advice to potential sellers –

Think of that designer bag in your closet that you haven’t carried for week, months and probably will never carry again. Have you fallen out of love? Is it something that you want to pass down to someone in your family? Will they really love it, knowing that you no longer do? It will have more meaning to pass down something that you loved. The bag that you are holding on to could be the beginning of someone else’s story and memories.


What she aspires?

With her captivating smile, she wants to one day trot the globe.