Reine Image – Tarunima Sen


A workaholic with a captivating smile; Tarunima loves challenges. She believes in innovating and challenging the status quo. With a passion for art and an in-depth understanding of aesthetics, Tarunima’s expertise in creatives is stupendous. Her simplistic yet meticulous style makes her the “go-to person” for all our creatives.


How does she help us out?

With creativity in her veins, Tarunima is the one behind all the beautiful images that you see on the website and our social media advertisements. Her hold on creative photography is unrivaled and her simplistic style is inimitable.

We call her “Reine Image” which means “Picture queen”, purely because of her simplistic yet chic style of photography.


Her Favorite Brand –

Karen Miller


What she aspires?

She aspires to create and capture beautiful photographs, “Freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”, she says.  She also involves herself, from time to time, in activities that contribute to humanitarian assistance and development, and firmly believes that “each one us can make a difference. “