6 Steps to Maintain Your Designer Handbag So That you can Resell It Later

Whether it’s a Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton or a Chanel handbag, it’s of utmost importance that you take diligent care of your precious handbag so that it lasts longer and fetches the maximum values when you choose to resell it. Our team that handles consignments has listed a few dos and don’ts –


Use the Bag’s original packaging – The box and cloth bag that come with your luxury handbag are the best to store your bag when not in use. In case the bag comes

Use a Hangar – Some shapes are best not kept on a flat surface. Especially handbags that come in a square shape can easily lose their shape if kept on a flat surface for a prolonged period. Hanging your bag on a hangar ensures that the bag maintains its shape.

Keep Pens Away – A pen mark on your designer handbag will never go. Its simpler to keep pens away from your handbag.

Watch where you keep your bag – Most often at restaurants handbags are kept on the floor, this stains the bag on its edges. Color transfer on calf leather is a tedious task to get rid of. Also keep your bag away from food and drinks. Luxury Designer pieces need luxury care!

Keep the authenticity card and receipt – It’s best if you leave the authenticity card and the receipt in one of the pockets of your bag. It will give you an added advantage when you choose to resell it. Buyers just love pre-owned luxury bags that come with their authenticity card and receipt.

It’s impossible to clean patent leather…… So, Don’t Try – Quite a few have damaged their patent leather handbags when they try to clean it. Patent leather is like a topcoat on your nails, in case you stain it, it’s difficult to remove the stain.


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