The journey of the Luxury fashion house, Fendi started in 1925 at a family run shop in the heart of Rome, Italy. Started by Edoardo and Adele Fendi, the shop was an instant success because of exquisitely crafted bags and skilfully sewed furs. As business grew, the brand became well known outside the boundaries of Rome and in 1946 Edoardo and Adele’s five daughters became part of the family business. In 1965 the daughters invited a young German designer, Karl Lagerfeld, to join the group and since then there was no looking back for the brand. Today Fendi is famous worldwide and as a brand, it goes beyond creating exquisite products and is synonymous with luxury.


Fendi Bags – Which one is perfect for you?


Under Karl Lagerfeld, Fendi has maintained itself as one of the most coveted brands for women as well as men across the world. The Fendi Peekaboo, Fendi 2Jours, and the Fendi Baguette are some of the handbags for the house of Fendi that are revered for their exquisite style and sophistication.


The Fendi Peekaboo

Bold, surprising and with all the allure of the house of Fendi, the Fendi Peekaboo need no introduction in the world of luxury fashion. The bag was imagined by Silvia Fendi in 2008 and debuted in 2009. It had its rise and fall but in 2014 something exceptional happened. The Fendi Peekaboo’s renaissance in 2014 made the bag a classic and a new “It Bag” from the fashion house Fendi. It’s a bag that is timeless and a necessity in a fashionista’s wardrobe.

BEST FOR: Chic and timeless; the Fendi Peekaboo is for the stylish and the sophisticated.


The Fendi Baguette

An iconic handbag that is a classic too; the Fendi Baguette is magnificent. The name Baguette comes from what a loaf of a bead is called in French. At the time when big bags were the trend and Fendi was close to bankruptcy, Silvia Fendi went against all her advisors and designed the Baguette. And the fashion world loved it. “It was foolish, a treat, anti-functional. It was the first bag that was treated like a garment.” – Silvia Fendi. Rumor has it that one lac pieces of the Fendi Baguette were sold in the first year itself. It broke all record and was a breath of fresh air to the otherwise big sized handbags of that time.

BEST FOR: It’s a “Sex and the City” favorite. A practical yet stylish handbag that is perfect for everyday use and ideal for casual dinner dates.


The Fendi 2Jour

The Fendi 2Jour is just as chic in real as it looks on the runway. Everything about the Fendi 2Jours says fashionable, sophisticated and simply gorgeous. It’s a practical handbag that has been carried by celebrities and adored by fashionistas. Launched in 2013 the bag has a minimalist structure that is chic and stylish. Its an arm candy that can be carried each day and yet you just won’t get bored off carrying it every day.

BEST FOR: It’s a trophy piece of luxury fashion which needs no introduction. Carry the Fendi 2Jours to occasions where looking your best is the only option.

Fendi Handbags, Clutches and Wallets Price List in India

An indicative price list*

 Estimated Retail PricePre Owned PriceEMI’s Start From
 (Starts From)(Average)(24 Months)
Fendi 2Jours Tote Handbag150000900004400
Fendi 3Baguette Handbag125000850004100
Fendi Peekaboo Handbag2000001100005320
Fendi Mini Peekaboo Handbag130000850004100
Fendi Baguette Handbag90000350001700
Fendi B Bag115000480002330
Fendi Mia Shoulder Bag95000450002195
Fendi Mixed Media Bag65000350001700
Fendi Shopper Tote Handbag70000380001840
Fendi Scarf3000018000880
Fendi Belt3500015000745
Fendi Wallet (Women)40000250001212
Fendi Wallet (Men)2500016000785



Shopping the right Fendi Bag online in India for your self –

Fendi Bags are versatile and that’s what the fashion world loves about Fendi’s Handbags. You can carry one during the day and the same will go perfectly well with your evening wear. All you have to do is choose the right Fendi bag keeping your requirement and style in mind.


If You’re Tall and Thin 

Choose a Fendi Baguette that has a long shoulder strap. Even a Fendi B Bag would suit you just right. Whichever Fendi bag you like; choose a size which is wider than it is taller; that way the bag will complement your body structure.


If You’re Petite –

Despite what you often see in fashion shows, movies or Instagram pages of fashionistas – oversized bags don’t go well on petite body structures. A large handbag will overwhelm your frame. However, a Fendi Baguette or a Fendi Mama Shoulder Bag will complement your frame perfectly well. For those in their 20s, a Fendi Boston Handbag will be ideal.


If You’re Plus Size –

The Fendi Peekaboo Handbag or the Fendi 2Jours, as well as the Fendi 3Jours handbag, will be the perfect pick for you. Basically, a large handbag will balance your curves. You could also check out the Fendi Large Mia Shoulder Bag or a Fendi Shopper tote (in case you want something casual and for everyday use). Whichever you chose; stay away from Fendi bags that have tiny print patterns.


Fendi Office Bags –

The Fendi Peekaboo or the Fendi Baguette both will complement not only your formal attire but also will elevate your style quotient considerably. Subtle and classy both these Fendi bags have been a favorite for working women across the world.


Fendi Bags for Parties –

A Fendi 3Baguette Shoulder Bag has to be your pick. Chic yet practical minus any blatant logo or decoration – The Fendi 3Baguette Shoulder Bag represents the essence of Fendi’s values. Best part when you carry the Fendi 3Baguette shoulder Bag – Getting noticed comes free.

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