A brand that has been a flag-bearer of high quality and luxurious craftsmanship, Goyard has created impeccable products for centuries which have been favorites of the fashion world.

The Goyard company now belongs to the Signoles family, who are collectors and fans of Goyard trunks. They took over the company but remain true to its ancestral savoir-faire and traditional, 100% French craftsmanship (using only French materials and manufacturing in workshops in Carcassonne). With its made-to-measure trunks that are both surprising and ingenious, such as those designed to transport the chef Alain Ducasse’s kitchen utensils, Maison Goyard has maintained its taste for innovation. The company remains discreet by choice but has many celebrity customers and admirers, including Karl Lagerfeld.

Why is Goyard lesser known than other luxury brands?

The privately held luxury brand refrains from any kind of advertisement. The brand avoids social media advertisement as well as any traditional form of advertisement. The brand also has made it clear to stay away from e-commerce. Because of this, initially very knew of the brand and its products. But as the masses saw the brand’s products carried by the brand’s advocates (some of them were socialites and film stars) that’s when the brand became recognizable and synonymous with luxury. Today many women can instantly recognize a Goyard Saint Louis Tote from a distance.

Goyard Handbags – Which one is perfect for you?

Today the fashion house Louis Vuitton is credited with some of the most iconic handbags like the Goyard Saint Louis Tote, Goyard Okinawa Tote, Goyard Saigon Handbag and many more.

The Goyard Saigon Handbag

Effortlessly chic and stylish, the Goyard Saigon is one of the brand’s most coveted handbags. Constructed from canvas, the bag’s structure is ideal for casual as well as special occasions. Its generous interior and a classic structured shape add to its elegant appeal.

BEST FOR: Ladylike Chic; the Goyard Saigon is ideal to carry in the day and evening as well.

Goyard Saint Louis Handbag

The Goyard Saint Louis Tote is by far the most popular Goyard bag. The bag comes in tow sizes – PM and GM. It is a super popular bag and yet one does not see it as often as one sees a Louis Vuitton Neverfull on the streets. The bag is popular amongst celebrities. The bag’s versatility, lightweight, and functionality make it a coveted handbag for the women on the go.

BEST FOR: A little preppie, a little grunge, and a little couture; the Goyard Saint Louis handbag is perfect for afternoon get-togethers with your girlfriends.

Goyard Okinawa Tote

The famous Goyard Okinawa Tote is loved by celebrities all over the world. Seen often carried by celebrities the Okinawa Tote is a must-have for every fashion buff who is in love with the brand.

BEST FOR: A definite head turner; the Goyard Okinawa Tote is perfect for Fancy Dinners and night outs with friends.


Goyard Handbags, Clutches and Wallets Price List in India (Converted from USD to INR)

An indicative price list*


 Estimated Retail Price Pre Owned Price (Avg)
Goyard Goyardine Yona PMRs 161000 Rs 70000
Goyard Goyardine Yona MMRs 175000 Rs 84000
Goyard Goyardine St Louis PMRs 109200 Rs 84000
Goyard Goyardine St Louis GMRs 135450 Rs 105000
Goyard Voltaire ToteRs 151900 Rs 119000
Goyard Goyardine Marquises ToteRs 157500 Rs 133000
Goyard Okinawa Tote PMRs 219450 Rs 115500
Goyard Okinawa Tote GMRs 241500 Rs 140000
Goyard Anjou Reversible Tote TPMRs 148400 Rs 126000
Goyard Anjou Reversible Tote GMRs 196700 Rs 182000
Goyard Siagon PMRs 392000 Rs 245000
Goyard Siagon MMRs 525000 Rs 273000
Goyard Siagon GMRs 525000 Rs 294000
Goyard Richelieu Women WalletRs 133000 Rs 77000
Goyard Victorie Men WalletRs 71400 Rs 56000
Goyard Coin PurseRs 41300 Rs 27650
Goyard Travel Men WalletRs 83300 Rs 66500
Goyard Sulpice Card HolderRs 41300 Rs 34650
Goyard Men Verical WalletRs 76300 Rs 56000


Choosing the right Goyard Bag online in India for your self –

Every fashion ardent lady dreams of owning a Goyard get yours and make a statement in vogue.

If You’re Tall and Thin –

Choose a Goyard Bag that is short and slouchy in shape; preferably a Goyard St. Louis handbag or a Goyard Goyardine Okinawa Tote. If you are tall and thin select a Goyard handbag that is wider than it is tall.

If You’re Petite –

Despite what you often see in fashion shows, movies or Instagram pages of fashionistas – oversized bags don’t go well on petite body structures. A large handbag will overwhelm your frame. However, a Goyard Belvedere or a Goyard Sac Capvert Crossbody Handbag or even Goyard Bags that come in PM and MM size will complement your frame perfectly well.

If You’re Plus Size –

Any Goyard Gm size handbag is the perfect pick for you. Basically, a large handbag will balance your curves. Further, add a pop of color; carry a bag that has a bold color for instance shades of Red, Orange, Pink, and Purple.

Goyard Bags for Parties –

A Goyard Saigon is what you need to carry to a party. The bag is a bold and statement-making piece of couture that will make you stand apart from the crowd.


Buying a New and Pre Owned Authentic Goyard Handbag in India

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