Guccio Gucci, as a porter, was inspired by the smart luggage he saw at the Savoy hotel in London and instantly decided that he wanted to be part of this fine craftsmanship. In 1921 he opened his first store that sold small leather goods and leather luggage in Florence, Italy. In the beginning, most of his clientele were the local horse-riding aristocrats and they mostly demanded riding gear. This is what led to Gucci developing the unique Horsebit icon that we know of today. Celebrities like Grace Kelly, Peter Sellers, and Audrey Hepburn made the brand synonymous with exquisite luxury. Jackie Kennedy, one of the famous fashion icons of the century was photographed numerous times carrying a Gucci bag. In her honor Gucci renamed one of the bags that she carried often, to “Jackie O”. It’s been more than 95 years since inception and the brand has flourished across the globe.


Gucci Bags – Which one is perfect for you?


If You’re Tall and Thin –

Choose a Gucci Bag that is preferably a Crossbody or a Shoulder Bag. Try and avoid Gucci handbags that are large, as carrying one will make you look taller and might not complement your body structure. A Gucci Marmont Shoulder Bag or a Gucci Jackie O Shoulder Bag will complement your body structure perfectly well.


If You’re Petite –

Despite what you often see in fashion shows, movies or Instagram pages of fashionistas – oversized bags don’t go well on petite body structures. A large handbag will overwhelm your frame. However, a Gucci Lady Web Shoulder Bag, a Gucci Small Sylvie Shoulder Bag or a Gucci Emily Shoulder Bag will look good and will complement your body structure. For those in their 20s, a Gucci Patent Leather Clutch or a Gucci Crossbody Soho will complement your style amazingly well.


If You’re Plus Size –

Any large Gucci Hobo handbag or a large Gucci Boston Bag will be the perfect pick for you. Basically, a large handbag will balance your curves. Further, add a pop of color; carry a bag that has a bold color for instance shades of Red, Orange, Pink, and Purple. If you like prints stay away from bags that have tiny patterns.


Gucci Bags For Office –

Gucci Handbags are sophisticated and elegant; which makes them ideal to carry to an office. Instead of choosing a patent leather Gucci Handbag opt for a Gucci Bag that displays the brand’s GG. Although we love the bling of patent leather, for office it gets a little too showy. Subtle style is appreciated in workspaces.


Gucci Bags for Parties –

A Gucci Clutch can set your class apart when accompanied with a little black dress. Choose A Gucci Horse Bit Detail Clutch or a Gucci Studded Evening Clutch; both look exquisite when adorned with an evening dress.



Gucci Handbags Clutches and Wallets Price List

An indicative price list*

Estimated Retail Price Pre Owned Price (Avg)
Gucci Medium Soho Shoulder Bag 225000 165000
Gucci Small Soho Disco Bag 80000 55000
Gucci GG Canvas Continental Wallet 30000 16000
Gucci Large Hysteria Hobo Handbag 145000 55000
Gucci GG Monogram D Ring Hobo Handbag 65000 25000
Gucci Small Dionysus Shoulder Bag 170000 135000
Gucci Small Sylvie Shoulder Bag 180000 150000
Gucci Large Emily Shoulder Bag 112000 75000
Gucci Medium Marmont Shoulder Bag 175000 150000




Shopping Gucci Bags Online India –

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