Read Louis Vuitton Date Codes

How to Read Louis Vuitton Date Codes

Post the mid-1980s all Louis Vuitton items carry a Date Code. It can be a number or a combination of numbers and alphabets; depending upon the period of when the item was manufactured. However, post-2007 Louis Vuitton date codes are a combination of two alphabets and four numbers that are usually imprinted on a leather tab or sometimes on the interior Alcantara of the item. Most often it is hard to find, and one often misses it if she does not carefully go through the interior of the handbag or the accessory.

At My Luxury Bargain, when a Louis Vuitton handbag or accessory is consigned we first check the date code on the item. Two things are kept in mind when we look closely at the date code; firstly, the font. Louis Vuitton has a specific font for its date code and matching its consistency is an important task to verify its authenticity. Secondly, we decipher the date code to understand where and when was the item made.

Even you can decipher a Louis Vuitton date code with the help of this Louis Vuitton Date Code Factory Chart that our team has ensembled over time

Louis Vuitton Date Code Factory ChartWhat else?

A few things that we should keep in mind when it comes to date codes of Louis Vuitton

A Louis Vuitton Handbag with a Date code does not mean its authentic or even if the bag does not have a date code does not mean the item is a counterfeit. Figuring out the authenticity of a Louis Vuitton item requires one to check all tell tail signs. It begins with the date code, but you also need to check the stitching, the weight of the hardware, the quality of the materials used and much more.

There is a widespread problem with the date code fading away if the interior is Alcantara and the item has been repeatedly cleaned on the inside. Sometimes the date code also fades away if the interior is cross-grained leather.

Date codes are not unique. Unlike serial numbers which are assigned to one item only, Date codes, on the other hand, are assigned to items manufactured in the same week of the same year and in the same location. For instance, it is possible for two items to carry a date code AH 2105; which would mean that both items were crafted in France in the 20th week of the year 2015.

Prior to 1982, Louis Vuitton did not use date codes. So when it comes to buying vintage Louis Vuitton handbags you will have to look at other telltale signs that an authentic Louis Vuitton will have and a replica won’t.

At My Luxury Bargain, you can shop a variety of authentic Louis Vuitton Bags online. The best part is that you can negotiate the price of the item with its seller. All Louis Vuitton bags are authenticated twice; first by our in-house team and then by a professional authenticator and all items sold on the portal come with a Life Time Money Back Guarantee. Happy Splurging!

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