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If you want your item to sell too fast, think of yourself as the buyer of that item. As a buyer, you would need good images which cover all areas of the item. Images clicked in the natural sunlight will be highly appreciated by any buyer. Click images clearly of any stains, marks, discoloration of hardware, etc on your item. Nobody likes surprises when it comes to shopping pre-owned luxury they will simply return your item.
Min. image dimensions: 800x800px, Use natural light and a distraction-free background, Show your item accurately — don't use stock photos.
Please see what images we require for: Handbag | Wallet | Sunglasses | Watch | Scarf | Footwear
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Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, Max. file size: 10 MB, Max. files: 10.


    Tell us about the details of your item.
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    Be realistic in your expected price.
    • Brand New luxury items don't sell if they are priced 10% below retail price. The buyer will be happier shopping it from the boutique. It has to be priced in such a way that the buyer feels she/he is getting a great deal.
    • If your item is gently used (you can see a scratch or stain or discoloration on hardware) your items need to be priced 40% below the retail price in case of a Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Fendi. In case of Salvatore Ferragamo or Burberry you should consider slashing the listing price by half.
    • If in doubt leave the filed blank, and we will be happy to suggest you a listing price.


    Tell us about the condition of your item.
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    A few things to remember:
    • Once a buyer has paid for your item, We will get it picked from your location for free, authenticate it, check its condition and ship it to the buyer. You get paid within 5 working days once the item has been delivered to its new buyer.
    • In case your item fails authentication, we will charge Rs 7500 + shipping to return the item. Authentication of an item is carried out by a professional third party authentication company. Their say as to an items authenticity will be held final.
    • If your item has any new mark / signs of use apart from the images you have shared and the buyer refuses to buy the item because of the change in condition we will charge you Rs 2500 + shipping to return the item.
    • We only market those items that are consigned with us (physically present with us for a creative shoot) . Thus we wont be able run a Social Media/ Email marketing campaign for your item.
    • We offer a Thee Day Return period to our buyers. In case your item is returned by the buyer, we will ship the item back to you within 5 days of receiving it.
    Our Commission:
    • For and item listed below Rs15000 - a flat commission of Rs 4500 will be charged.
    • 30% commission will be charged if the listing price of the bag is below Rs 30,001
    • 20% commission will be charged if the listing price of your item is below Rs 1,00,001
    • 15% commission will be charged if the listing price of your item is above Rs 2,00,000
    • 10% commission will be charged if the listing price of your item is above Rs 2000,001

    *Seller payout excludes GST on commission amount

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